Poznañ Archaeological Expedition at Çatalhöyük
.... Project's director: prof. dr hab. Arkadiusz Marciniak

Phone: +48 502 161 630
E-mail: arekmar@amu.edu.pl

Professor Arkadiusz Marciniak (Adam Mickiewicz University Poznañ, Poland) is a prehistoric archaeologist and heritage specialist. His expertise is in the development of farming communities in western Asia and central Europe and their progression to complex societies. He is currently directing a project at the Late Neolithic settlement at Çatalhöyük in Turkey where innovative approaches to public archaeology have been pioneered over decades. He is also involved in the development of system of vocational training in the domain of archaeological heritage and archaeology and is an initiator of the Heritage Educational Portal - a platform offering a wide range of online courses in this field. He is an advocate of vocational training in archaeological and cultural heritage that offers a new and more effective didactic solution towards the most efficient presentation of heritage related issues to different stakeholders.


He has extensive knowledge of running multi-scalar international and national projects aimed at developing the efficient means of communicating archaeology to different constituencies. He will bring to the project in-depth knowledge of different archaeological process including carrying out field projects, producing innovative outcomes and delivering the results to different stakeholders. In particular, he will strengthen the project focused by providing expertise in societal values and governance, public discourse on human-nature relations, land use planning pertaining to aspects of in-built environment, protecting and managing the landscape and presenting the landscape.

Adam Mickiewicz University
Faculty of Archaeology
ul. Uniwersytetu Poznañskiego 7
61-614 Poznañ, Poland


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Poznañ Archaeological Expedition at Çatalhöyük, Adam Mickiewicz University
ul. Uniwersytetu Poznañskiego 7, 61-614 Poznañ, Poland